Experience, experiment
and explore

Program 28 June – 21 August

At 11.00 and 15.30 Test drive the electric tractor outside!

What is it like working on a farm? The answer to that question you’ll in our new exhibition Matvalet(Food Choice). If you get the urge to drive a tractor you’ll get the chance to try it out at our farm outside. One ride per childs is included in the entrance fee. Do you want to drive the tractor without visiting Exploratoriet? Then there will be a cost of 30 SEK per child to drive the tractor. One ride is approximately 4 minutes, suitable for children ages 5 and up. In case of bad weather the tractor ride will be canceled.

Open 11.00 – 16.00 Food Workshop –  Grow your own food.


In our new exhibition Matvalet(Food choice), you will find out why it can be a good idea to grow your own food. And in this workshop you will get to create your own pot, that you fill with soild and then sow seeds in it. Take your cultivation home and watch as something edible grows!

At 11.30 and 14.30 Stargazing in the planetarium

Let’s go stargazing inside our own sun, our planetarium! The human race has always been fascinated by, and talked about the starry sky.
Run Time is about 15 minutes. Suitable for ages 6 and up. Be sure to book a spot at the reception. The guided planetarium show is in Swedish.

At 13.00 Science Theater – Electrochemical time travel.

An interactive science theater. Join us in the 19th century to experiment with Alessandro Volta. Excitement and charged moment for the whole family. Welcome to the time portal on floor 3. The Science theater is held in Swedish.

New interactive exhibition – MatValet (Food Choice)

Explore our other interactive exhibitions.

Experiment in the water park, discover in the forest, run our recycling plant, build in 4D frame. These are som exampled of interactive activities you can explore in our exhibition hall of 800 square meters. Read more aboute our interactive exhibitions here.

We accept paument with swish or card, we do not take cash. You can park your car at the Norandå parking lot by the museum.

We hope you have fun discovering at Exploratoriet!

Opening hours

28 June – 21 August:
11.00 – 16.00
Tuesday to Sunday.

Many thanks to our partners who together with us make Skellefteå a good future choice!

We share a desire to increase interest in technology and science among children and young people. We also share the desire to secure the future supply of labor in the region.
Become a co-creator of future dreams with us!